4 Easy Steps to Prevent Winter Hair Damage

harsh winter weather and indoor heat can play havoc with the look and feel of your hair. To make sure the hair alive and healthy throughout the winter, it is very important to create four simple steps part of your routine: cleanse, hydrate, take care of and protect.

Cleaning: To keep hair nourished and in the best circumstances during the winter, it’s important to clean your hair with a gentle, moisturizing cleanser shampoo every day. Yes, I understand that some of us are used to wash our hair daily. But keep in mind, more than washing your hair in winter can dry your hair, causing your hair to become dry, brittle and dull.

Hydrate: To minimize the damage and to keep the hair soft and manageable, use a hydrating conditioner immediately after cleaning. Do not be afraid to leave the conditioner in your hair longer than usual five to ten minutes.

Treats: For hair care, I want to use a hair mask at least once a week. Hair masks as a hero for hair care. They are working to strengthen, moisturize, soften, repair and add shine. And because the hair mask made up of heavier materials such richer oil and butter, they played a wonderful role in strengthening the overall structure of healthy hair, give hair extra hydration where they are most needed. According to Advanced Hair Specialist and Peter Coppola Educator Dana Powell, it is equally important to use extra cooling mask like Total Repair Mask Peter Coppola along with frequent trims to keep the hair looking and feeling healthy.

Protect: We must protect our hair from heated elements such as flat iron, blow dryer, and yes, the sun. Because the winter was very cold, heating devices such as flat iron and blow dryer become our best friend, leading to split ends, shedding, and drought. To protect the health of your hair, do not be afraid to skip the flat iron and go au natural. However, when you need to use a heater, the application of heat protective spray and a light mist of argan oil will help moisturize the hair while also reducing your chance of heat damage and hair damage. Like the sun that can burn our skin, it can do the same for our scalp. Using the SPF protects hair spray like this Banana Boat Quik Dry Sport Body and Scalp spray would be useful in protecting your scalp from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Cheers to skin a healthy and happy!

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