Understanding Makeup Sponges

osmetic sponge is one of the most common cosmetic products that you’ll find. There are two main categories of sponge on the market: natural and synthetic.

natural sponges are made from natural ingredients harvested from the sea. They are designed to last for a long time and you can use them over several times.

From their name, synthetic foams made from synthetic materials. Unlike natural sponge designed for regular use, synthetic foam designed for single use. You can use it for some time, but you have to clean them regularly. You are also at risk to save the bacteria on your skin.

Type a makeup sponge

Under the category of natural sponges and synthetic sponges there are many others that you can go to. The most common are:

Concealer: This is a small sponge which has a small wedge shape and ideal for blending concealer. There are many sizes concealer that you can go to and all you need to do is choose the one that suits you.

Liquid foundation sponge: it is characterized by a large wedge shape which is ideal for applying foundation. When making a purchase you should get a sponge which has a soft texture and smooth and very small pores.

Eye makeup: ideal for applying makeup so you can see the smoke. When buying a sponge you have to get a sponge to form a company that would easily make up your eye makeup.

Pressed powder sponge: it is characterized by a large round shape. When shopping for one you should go for the one with a round shape as it tends to do a better job.

Makeup remover: This is a big sponge with a round shape and are very effective in removing makeup. When making a purchase you should go for the one with a porous and rough texture.

Caring sponge

For the sponge to survive for a long time and maintain their appearance long you need to take care of them. One of the most effective ways to care for them is to clean regularly. As a rule of thumb you should avoid cleaning them with cleaning because they tend to hurt them. You also need to store it in a dry area that is free of any makeup.

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